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Tooth Filling Camas, WA

Rendering of teeth with 3 dental filling materials in Camas, WA.Fillings are popular treatments that can be used to treat cavities of many different sizes. Not only are these treatments essential for strengthening the teeth that may have been weakened by the erosion caused by the cavity, they also have cosmetic uses as well.

Tooth fillings help to fill out the space left vacant by a big cavity or a large part of a tooth that has been fractured or broken. Holes that have been caused by cavities are filled with multiple types of fillings, although the filling chosen is based upon the individual's needs and the condition of the tooth.

Some of the common types of fillings are made of a mixture of various metals to create a strong alloy that is very durable and stands up well to the rigors of everyday chewing.

Tooth colored fillings, such as glass ionomers or composites, are also available. These moldable, soft materials take on the shape required to fill in the tooth where the cavity used to be when set.

The shade of the filling is chosen at the dental appointment by the dentist to match the existing tooth. These fillings are a great choice if someone wants dental work done that is not noticeable and matches your present smile.

At Camas Dentistry, we can help you to decide on the dental fillings and crowns that are right for your dental needs!

Why Does My Tooth Hurt After a Dental Filling?

Patients may experience sensitivity to hot, cold, and pressure for a while after having a filling completed. Typically, this is a normal part of the body's healing process as your tooth adapts to its new filling.

As part of restoring the tooth, also known as having a filling on the tooth, the decay is drilled out of the tooth and filled with either composite or amalgam. This process causes a bit of trauma to the tooth and can cause the nerve inside the tooth to become aggravated.

The nerve in the tooth will need time to calm down and get used to it. One can experience these symptoms for a few days and sometimes several weeks. This is especially true if the cavity in the tooth was large and went deep and was close to the nerve. In rare cases, the tooth nerve may not get better and possibly die even though it was not touched during the filling process.

If you've received a filling and you are experiencing pain, give us a call. It may take your body some time to heal, but you may also benefit from having the tooth readjusted as well.

Set Up Your Appointment For Camas Dental Fillings

Before deciding upon the right treatment for you and your family, you will want to do some research on the treatments and materials available to you. Our dental professionals can help you decide on the right option for your needs.

Fillings have come a long way in the past few years, and Camas Dentistry is able to offer multiple, customized options that offer you the affordability, protection, and beauty you want! Call us at to schedule an appointment.

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