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Tooth Extraction Camas, WA

Dentist holding an extracted tooth in Camas, WA.A tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth is pulled out of its socket or the dental alveolus. An oral surgeon commonly conducts a surgical extraction. However, a general dentist could carry out a simple tooth extraction.

When the tooth is severely damaged, one will necessitate an extraction that cannot be restored through other methods like fillings or root canals. The procedure may also involve the removal of more than one tooth.

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Types of Dental Extractions

Simple tooth extractions are pretty simple, and a regular dentist can help with this under local anesthesia to reduce discomfort and pain. The dentist uses dental tools like elevators and forceps to weaken and pull out the teeth.

Simple extractions necessitate removing visible teeth and do not need any stitching as the dentist makes no incision to the gums. When teeth can't be fixed through fillings, they are pulled out to cut off any infection that might spread to the neighboring teeth.

When teeth get fractured or broken, they may also necessitate an extraction. After tooth extraction, the patient may require a dental implant to replace the missing tooth for aesthetic purposes. Recovery is also fast and easy and may or may not require OTC drugs to help relieve any discomfort.

A surgical dental extraction is more complicated and requires the involvement of a professional dentist or an oral surgeon, often referred by a regular dentist. They are usually carried out when the tooth is not properly visible, including the wisdom teeth.

If a patient wishes to have braces installed, unemerged teeth may have to be pulled out surgically to attain alignment. Surgical extractions involve making an incision in the gums and oral connective tissue to allow the surgeon to extract the tooth.

We may require cutting the bone tissue or the teeth around the extraction site to ease removal in smaller pieces. Surgical removals are more complex and are quite lengthy as they necessitate taking x-rays and making stitches to cover the incision sites. For this, they require more time to heal.

After a Tooth Extraction

After a tooth extraction, you need to take care of your mouth to ease pain and ensure proper healing. The first step is containing the bleeding by biting down on gauze. The pressure from biting down enables the formation of a blood clot. However, slight bleeding immediately after the operation is normal.

Pain relievers and medication help ease the pain and discomfort, and to reduce swelling, the patient could use hot and cold packs in intervals to regularize the blood flow and ease the bruising. Patients must get enough rest and restrain from strenuous activities, especially after surgical extraction.

Patients are advised to quit smoking, drink through a straw, and drink hot drinks to ensure proper healing. Patients are also advised to eat soft nutrient-dense foods and drink lots of fluids. Your regular oral hygiene routine should be observed, and the extraction surface should be cleaned gently to avoid bruising.

Rinsing the mouth after meals and snacking is also important to rinse off food debris that could lead to plaque and bacterial buildup.

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