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Sports Guard

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthAt Camas Dentistry, we also recommend wearing sports guards while playing sports since they can help prevent injuries to the mouth while you are playing. A custom sports guard made at Camas Dentistry has a much better and comfortable fit than a generic on from the store. Also, a custom sports guard is made of a more rigid and therefore protective material than a store bought one. If you value healthy teeth and wish to avoid tooth fracture or other dental trauma during a sports event then get a sports guard from Camas Dentistry.

At Camas Dentistry, we provide patients with a night or sports guard that is moldable, yet hard. These guards look thin and transparent, or in the case of a sports guard can be custom colored to your preferences, and they are used to provide a cushion between your upper and lower teeth. The guard also helps to keep the jaw and jaw joint protected from the impact and pressure that occurs due to teeth grinding and clenching. Our dentists encourage patients to use sports guards to prevent damage to the tooth enamel as well as avoid possible tooth fracture.

Make an Appointment at Camas Dentistry for a Fitting

If you need a sports guard, you'll need to make an appointment at Camas Dentistry. These guards need to be customized for your mouth to ensure a proper fit. Usually, you'll need to visit your dentist in Camas, Washington a couple times for teeth impressions and bite records. If the guard fits correctly on the second visit, then the teeth will have good protection. However, if it still feels a bit uncomfortable, talk to the dentist and have it adjusted so you have the perfect, comfortable fit.

Call us today at 360-837-5992 if you need a sports guard! We can set up an appointment and provide you with more information.

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