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Root Canal Procedure Camas WA

Woman at the dentist with open mouth undergoing root canal procedure in Camas WA.Naturally, a root canal is a part of the tooth structure that contains the pulp, canals, and anatomical tooth branches connecting the canals and the tooth roots. The canal chamber consists of nerves, blood vessels, and soft and connective tissues.

The tooth canal is responsible for tooth growth into adulthood. After that, the tooth does not need the tooth for survival anymore. Sometimes, the pulp could get infected and necessitate the removal of the canal constituents to prevent inflammation of other parts of the mouth.

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Root Canal Procedure

Endodontic procedures are fashioned to eliminate bacteria from an inflamed pulp chamber. The diagnosis commences with the dental checkup, where our dentist accesses the mouth cavity to determine the need for a canal treatment and the plan.

The patient is sedated, and the tooth pulp is drilled to remove the infected tissue. The pulp chamber and canals are thoroughly cleaned and fluoridated to remove bacteria.

The canal is then filled to protect the site from infection and sensitivity. Other procedures could follow after a root canal, for example, a crown placement. However, these procedures would have to schedule another office visit. For canals that require a lot of restoration, a small metal post may be inserted into the chamber to sustain the crown.

When to Get a Root Canal and Options

A root canal treatment could be required for an array of reasons and impact injuries like broken or cracked teeth. A root canal infection is mostly suspected when one feels sensitivity on the teeth to cold or hot or regular activities like eating and cleaning teeth.

Other signs you might need a root canal procedure include pain while chewing, broken teeth, sore gums and visible staining in the gums, and dental caries. Root canal inflammation could lead to teeth and bone abscesses. After a root canal, the patient may decide to have the tooth extracted and the implant placed. This could require additional complex procedures like bone grafting.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root canals have been the most dreaded dental operation, and people often carry and spread that misconception. However, the procedures are painless and have a low scale discomfort rate post-operation.

Thanks to new developments in anesthesia and treatment, the procedure is reportedly less painful than a tooth extraction procedure. Crowns, usually placed on tooth fillings, are usually recommended, and not only do they function as innate teeth, but they also look and feel like teeth. You could still retain your smile even after a root canal.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

Root canals are a permanent fix for damaged teeth and are long-lasting. Root canals should be treated like normal teeth with regular brushing and flossing between the teeth.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

The procedure takes one to two visits to complete. Still, it solely depends on the patient's situation, the severity of the infection, the complexity of the treatment, for example, if a patient needs the tooth extracted and replaced with a restoration, and how well the patient takes care of themselves during recovery. Our dentist could perform a simple root canal procedure; however, most complex cases are handled by a dental specialist referred to as an endodontist.

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