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Periodontal Maintenance

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaning.Gum disease refers to an inflammation or infection of the gingival area in the oral region. It is formally known as gingivitis in its early form. When it advances, it is referred to as a periodontal disease. Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease characterized by worsened gingivitis symptoms like gum inflammation that leads to jawbone osteoporosis. To get your gums in check and healthy, visit us at Camas Dentistry.

Maintenance Phase in Periodontal Therapy

The periodontal maintenance phase is essential after treatment has commenced in periodontitis treatment. Periodontal maintenance involves regular checkups and comprehensive cleanings to prevent the regeneration of microorganisms and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Periodontal maintenance enables establishing an oral environment well-suited to periodontal health treatment. Since periodontal disease is irreversible in its chronic stage, supervision and maintenance are required over time in treatment to reach long-term and steady results and minimize relapse.

Prevention is the major factor for the maintenance of periodontitis. It helps retain good oral health and stems periodontal progression. During prophylaxis, the periodontist removes any tartar that might have collected up in the sulcus pockets, minimizing bacterial build up. It also involves administering medication. The dental hygienist performs x-rays that reveal the progress of the treatment while inspecting areas that need future care.

Periodontal Maintenance Procedure

During a periodontal maintenance appointment, the doctor examines the gingival region to check the sulcus pockets and the surgical site if a patient has undergone bone restoration surgery. The doctor might use x-rays at this stage. After the examination, the dentist cleans the mouth to remove any tartar and plaque from the gums, pockets, and teeth through root scaling. If there is disease or inflammation in the pockets, the dentist flushes the area with antiseptic fluids.

The dentist also checks the state of prostheses and cleans them thoroughly. If the patient shows persistent degeneration of the jawbone, they might need to undergo more treatment procedures like bone grafting to help restore the bone. The dentist also applies antibiotic gels and creams to the gums and teeth to kill bacteria after deep cleaning. The patient might need to be sedated during the maintenance procedure to lessen sensitivity and pain from cleaning the inflamed gums.

Periodontal Care at Home

Patients diagnosed with periodontitis must maintain a healthy dental routine: brushing and flossing at least twice a day. While brushing, patients are advised to use a soft-bristled toothbrush gently and cover all surfaces of the mouth. Taking the prescribed medication for the full course is important to ensure you heal fully. Rinse the mouth after eating with an antibacterial mouth guard and avoid chewing on hard objects, eating sweets, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

These habits cause healing to take longer. Patients should also maintain a nutrient-dense healthy diet to ensure their immunity is strong. After treatment of periodontitis has begun, patients should be aware and watch out for any complications. Call the dentist if your gums suddenly and persistently swell and become sore, if the pockets start draining pus, the gums start hemorrhaging, and if you notice a fever. Periodontists are well trained to treat complications arising after treatment has begun. For periodontal care and maintenance, visit us at Camas Dentistry or reach us via phone 360-837-5992 to book an appointment.

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